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  1. Sometimes these projects get backburnered a little bit during the holidays, they are probably still discussing this off and on in other channels. (Former member of the board of directors)
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    by Strayyz

  3. High

    Worst Injury...

    Due to some still legal issues and some bullshit with my former employers, I tend to avoid doing anything to draw attention to myself . They dragged it out for a few years and more false endings than return of the king. So no photos. I do most of my work left handed and use a lot of keyboard and actually use mmo mouse's for stuff on computers, and typing has gotten easier over the years. As for gaming, not as easy as it sounds. I've tried coming back several times, but I can't play games that are past s certain speed. World of Warcraft has been a sanctuary and a lot of rpg's. I mean I'm working through Ace attorney trilogy right now. Games like shellshock. Could not pull off a tell-tale game. I use a remapped Xbox elite controller as well
  4. High

    Worst Injury...

    Industrial accident , eventually cost me my right hand and part of the arm. Full story is in my posting history, can't believe it's been almost 5 years since the accident.
  5. As someone who has been here since the beginning and rose my way through the ranks, I find myself split. Quite simply i disagree with anyone who thinks words like nigga in any context is ok. If i wanted to be able to say that I'd go play on consoles. We are better, more respectable people than that, And if i called anybody offline Nigga, chink or any of that in any context, I'd be getting punched. If it ain't ok to use around anybody you don't know, then it shouldn't be used. I'd say keep the rule in place, but leave it to admin discretion, just as it always has been. If one admin doesn't want to ban you for it, that's fine. But Don't bitch when another does.
  6. I'm surprised I got 4. The newbies have never seen nor feared the banhammer.
  7. omg it's highsky!!! Missed you man.

  8. Always found that an LED that runs 24/7 usually has to change 2-3 times a year. Holy fuck this threads been running 9 goddamn years????
  9. We be chillin like villains with legend :p

  10. This is one of the very few times name and shame is not only justified, but encouraged. Fuck em
  11. Merry Christmas! _marry_christmas__by_luckylinx.gif

  12. Happy b-lated birthday!!!!!