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If anyone else has bought the game "UFC Undisputed" Then I urge you to sign up for this site: http://www.undisputedonline.net/


They will be having tournaments for every weight class and hosting an event, much like the real UFC, every month for the championship belt for each division. They have it set up so you get around a month to train for your next fight.


For example, The first UOC(Undisputed Online Championship) is for xbox 360, and the 2nd UOC is for PS3 and they will alternate giving each console holder around a months time to train up for the match.


You can use either a created fighter OR a UFC fighter for these tournaments.


So for those who sign up good luck!!

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I don't watch the UFC or follow it but I downloaded the demo on the ps network and I must say, it's quit enjoyable. I'll definitely look into purchasing it in the future.

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Here in Canada with my shitty Dial-up (feel bad for me). Anyways I'm definetely getting Undisputed when I get back to the States, game looks so realistic.


To add on to this, If you really do enjoy watching UFC/WEC (World Extreme Cage-Fighting)/MMA join my social group: http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/group.php?groupid=115


Btw, this post took me about 15 minutes to finish, S l o w text FTL.

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