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I am currently having difficulties paying my bills and being homeless and finding a place while living in hotels. I also am going thought a child abuse case where i have to go to parenting classes and seeing a shrink. There are many things on my list to do, but the biggest one i have is finding a place while making very little money. I am coming here to the community of ZM to ask for your support. I am starting a fund to help raise money to get me into a place so i can get out of the cold. Any amount i GREATLY appreciated. Please do not donate too much because i will feel bad and i dont have much in return to pay you back, so please keep the donations reasonable. I will leave a Link at the Bottom so you can donate away.




-Cloud Strike

-Haggard Nuggs





Donate Here

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  • Content Count:  1386
  • Joined:  03/02/07
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ill send more when my funds clear i had to reload my paypal


nah man, its way chill, jsut once is ok, you were the first one, that should be enough satisfaction

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