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I used to play it a lot, got quite good, but like Generals I grew tired of it. Maybe I'll start playing again...first I have to pwn LitKey at BF1942.


Like that'll ever happen. :p

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Anyone else play?



James avenge me. Mick owned me three times. =/


Hey, if mick IS really stupid to send those walkers in alone, then use aircraft, like the orcas, or, use heay infantry, eg railgun guys, or rocket troopers, their lasers aren't that effective against them.


But yea, as GDI, use orcas. The walkers have no anti aircraft weaponry, so it should be childs play.

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It was a three way fight at the time and we all chose Nod. Henda, Mick, and me, he kept stealing our walkers. I just started playing the game, so I'm not that good. Thanks for the tip.

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