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Been playin this game lately. Its a free 3rd party total conversion mod for the HL2 engine. It has a cyberpunk theme and consists of two teams, Punks and Corps, fighting each other over different objectives on each map. Objectives include capturing specific points, hacking enemy turrets and equipment, destroying generators and firewalls, joint hacking and ground objectives.


Neat thing about the game is that there are two dimensions to it. You've got the normal dimension which is commonly called "meat space". Then you have cyberspace which you can jack into at different points on the map. The cyberspace in the game is based off the one in Neuromancer, and it is very fun to fight in cyberspace.


The game has a low player base, but there is always around 20-30 players at a given moment; enough to fill two servers. At peak times there can be as much as 50. Although it has a low player count, most of the people that play are real friendly and all know each other.



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