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My Ex and I

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As some of you may know I've been dealing with a lot of problems the past half of year. And I would like to thank everyone who I talked to and showed their support for me. Off the top of my head I would like to thank Midget, Niko, and Oak, and everyone else who has helped me. I figured I should make a thread to show what is developing because there is a lot of stuff happening in the next couple of weeks.


For those of you who don't know whats been going on I'm gonna try to keep the beginning sort. Long story short, I have a 5-6 month pregnant ex-girlfriend. She has a genetic problem that makes her body unable to provide for a child, this is similar to her older sister who has had 6 miscarriages so far. Doctors have told us that the baby is currently 2 months underdeveloped and that she will have a miscarriage between now and January. Already she has had two incidents where she has had contractions, mind you these contractions are 3-4 months early.


So thats whats been happening, now onto the real shit. Last week I took her in to the hospital to get two growths checked out that we found on her ovaries. Turns out that she has close to thirty of theses growths, most around her genitals, and a few under her armpits, and two large ones around the top of her next. This means that she most likely has Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphoids, one of the worst cancers. She will have to within a few weeks go into surgery for over 14 hours to remove the 30 growths on her. This will result in having to abort the baby because she is having large chunks of her ovaries removed, probably sterilizing her.


This is the new situation I'm sitting on. She is now just realizing that this "miracle" of the baby lasting this long isn't god sent, and is now starting to think rationally, thank Allah. She is still on the wire though about the surgery which I am urging her to do. If this is cancer, which it probably is, it seems like it has already metastasized so surgery is urgent for her to live.


So this is whats been happening in my life. I will keep everyone informed on what happens within the next few weeks. This 20th she is getting another round of testing done to determine the surgery date and if she is suitable, because she has a bad infection right that if untreated can end up killing her in her condition.

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I'm very sorry for you. Things like this can't ever be easy, can they? It's great, though, that you ended your intimate relationship on good terms, so that you can still help her out.

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