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"I Believe in the God of Google"

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I was lookin' through some random news archives...and found some stuff on a new church..."The Church of Google". Yea. Its exactly what you think it is. Take a look.







Weird shite. But here's the thing. The Church states ' There are some questions that can't be answered by Google" I think Google provides 340 million answers about "God" Can the Church really do any better?






Guess so.

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Google i guess can be seen as a microcosm to the macrocosm informative reality. Google is designed to access the entirety of electronic information and in a sense acts as a godhead of the internet which is the reality of electronic information. If we are able to integrate our conscious into electronic responses, which isn't all that crazy, then Google can link together all human thought taking it one step closer to god.


Go read some essays Terrence Mckenna wrote about the exponential development of technology and how it can be integrated into the human psyche.

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