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My Newest...And First CSS Skins

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Take a lookey, fellas. Give me your opinion on my new skins, suggestions, tips, whatever. If you guys want a request or need instructions on getting these skins, let me know also.



Woodland ACOG M4A1







Golden "Aztec" Desert Eagle






Light Gray P90 W/ "UV" Bullets/Clip






Woodland Camo Gloves









Quick Edit: If anyone is willing to volunteer to stand around holding these weapon skins so I can take screenshots of them in player world view, I'll love you forever.

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Wanted to add this to my post.
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Personally I've never been a big fan of chrome or gold plated weapons, but the first picture of the hostages made me lol as to what they were doing.




P.S. The scope on the rifle when equipped seems to be a PSO-1 (or other versions), which is strange as it's used in Warsaw Pact countries. When the rifle is on the ground, however, it looks more like a NATO one. At any rate, they don't look the same.


Thanks for the rate. I'll do more research on the realism of these guns...see if I can't get an updated M4 by later today.

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Though this should be expected as these are your first skins. The gloves are the only shining skin in your lot, but keep trying, everyone is a beginner at some point.

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