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Firefox 3.5 and Chrome. Has anyone noticed a memory leak on FF3.5? My memory usage spikes to 1GB sometimes with like 2 tabs. Everytime I watch a youtube video, it would skip a lot. It's not my computer, for a fact. It didn't do that before the 3.5 update and I keep my computer drivers up to date and the components free of dust.

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Im going to be different and say Opera :3 Don't get it if you want to use a bunch of addons... Sometimes I have to switch back to IE8, however I do like the Wand Button on Opera, where if you visit a website, and it requires a password and Username, all you have to do is press the save button and when you visit the website again and it asks for your info, just press the Wand button and it puts in your info. Pretty Cool.

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