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Emergeny Hospital

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Hey guys today i was trying out my friends new Bmx i did a trick, i collapsed and the handlebar went up i fell ontop of the handlebar and it went a inch into my stomach..

i went to the hospital and they fixed me up... They said i need to stay inactive for a day or 2.... then i can do what i did slowly bit by bit..


Soo i won't see you guys for a day or two...


im still badly wounded... i got stiches and stuff... i walk with my back hunched because i could stretch my stiches but i can walk normal later on...


it sucks because i was going to go to wonderland but yah... it sucked how it happened

i didnt even know what happened at first all i knew is that i was rushed to the hospital in an ambulence....

bye guys.




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I had an injury JUST like this, THIS IS MY STORY! (sorry for going off topic about your fall)


I fucked up the back of my leg doing the same thing on a Mountain Bike. Went to do some dirt jumps. I had a pretty fail first round and my friend did everything perfect. I tried to go all out on the last jump ANDDDD....



(sorry for shit quality, phone camera)


It failed. I had about 30 stitches in all (not very big but DEEP) so they had to stitch up the inside as well as the outside. I've had 2 other incidents like this on a bike, just less severe.


Get well soon

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