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How to make and post signatures?

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anyone can have a signature if you want one then you just have to go to user cp and click edit signature from there you can add an image or use a link like a url or an img link to post your signature, i perfer the img and url way because uploading a picture maunully through the forums reduces the image size, if you want signatures with your name on it then go to the arts and craft forum post a request for a signature with your name on it, if you dont know how to post a request in the proper format then check other peoples request first. Making signatures require you to be able to render which means take a photo and paste it on another background, to get you started on renders check out http://planetrenders.net/, they have some renders and they will teach how to render. hope this has solved your question.

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to get ur own sig just go to the arts and crafts section and click the signature thing in blue bold letters. do the required stuff and u just wait for them to finish it and give it to u. ask for WackiIraqi hes preety good or :-] shes even better but shes not availbe recently

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