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Admin apply question

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JW...wat is a way to get admin do u have to donate or...



plz like list the req and things u can do to get admin im just wondering all i know is be a supporter then admin application or w/e then admin thats only way i know how to get admin so...





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From what I understand you should be around for a bit, get to know some SG people, then apply (you have to be a donator for like 14 days before applying I think). Then you just apply with:

Upgrade Request


Your in-game name




You are atleast 16 years of age


You agree to the admin rules


Why should you receive admin permissions


Would you like to participate in admin training?


If enough people know/like you and think you will be a good admin they vote yes, if not they vote no. You either get accepted or are told to reapply in 14 days. Unless you're a really bad person then you just flat out get rejected lol.

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Actually you dont have to be over 16 :p Theres a few admins under 16.


This is due to the fact they proved themselfs mature enuff 4da job. Under 16? Show to us that you are worthy of the task.

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