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I need to aplogize.

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Ok this is to only the people that posted in the "godhatesfags" thread. I know that the thread is long dead and gone, but I still feel the need to aplogize for the way I acted on there. I'm sorry if I snapped at anyone or said some wrong things. You see, unlike a lot of people, if I know I did something wrong it doesn't leave my mind. It bothers me for a long LONG time. And I always feel a bit guilty if I don't aplogize for it. Now back to the topic, I wanted to aplogize to all those who I argued with, (expect Dante, We already talked about it) I just felt that my joy to believe in what I want was being bashed and criticised.


So, I'm not sucking up, nor am I looking to get attention. And I do have another confession to make, the real reason I do spell incorrectly is because I do have a mild spelling problem. Its not huge, but like I said the grammer nazis came and got me for that. I am working on it.


Again. Don't say this was a useless thread, I just felt I needed to clear this up. And just to add this in; I made this publicly because I can't remember who I sent it to and the whole thread was deleted.


This can be :lock1: if need be.

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Nah, it ain't too late. Was just looking for an opening to play that song! ;D


Why does this version of Apologize sound so different? It sounds so much better than the version I have on my iPod.

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