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WOOOOT Leave from Iraq!

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August 10th I leave Iraq and head back home for 15 days. :madgrin: :nuts::biggrin: :thumb: Not enough smileys to describe how I feel lol Its gonna be great man. I don't know if I made a topic about this already......sorry if i did. But yeah......^_^ Two weeks with yah guys again and my friends IRL. Can't wait dudes......I hope I there is like a BWGT those two weeks so I can see how stuff in SG has progressed :] I can't wait!!!!

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Sorry , I dont know you.

But , what are you doing in Iraq?

Are you in war?

Iraq is quite the popular holiday destination these days. :nuts:


Nah, he's doing his service. Good news Vir, look forward to your return! :biggrin:

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