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Headcrab Hunter 2

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MODDB - http://www.moddb.com/mods/10399/headcrab-hunter-2

Well even I wouldn't think this day would come, but amazingly, it did. That's right, I actually got to finishing my mod, Headcrab Hunter. While it is 100% complete and free of bugs as far as I can tell, I will still be fixing things and adding a couple of new features here and there as time goes on. There's a lot of new things that separate the old Headcrab Hunter from Headcrab Hunter 2, and all of those other zombie-based mods out there, that I think everybody should know about. So, without further delay, here I go!


First of all, you're dealing with headcrabs, not zombies. Well, that's not entirely true, as in Headcrab Hunter 2, you have a 33% chance of becoming a zombie if a headcrab dies near you. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.


Second, Headcrab Hunter 2 is very unique, in that it has two entirely different levels of play. There's bot-controlled headcrab mode, and human-controlled headcrab mode. Both modes have been entirely tested and are 100% supported. In bot-controlled mode, the teams are static, and all players are forced to the human side (CTs) and must battle bot-headcrabs (Ts). It's either kill, or be killed, and that's about it - and some people like that kind of stuff. Now, if you're like me, I'd rather be killing some nice human-controlled headcrabs. So, I've developed that gameplay mode as well! In this mode, players can choose whether they'd like to be a human or headcrab, or let the auto teambalancer decide for them. In this mode, infection is enabled (by default - these settings can be changed by the server operator). That's when humans have a 33% chance of near-instantly becoming a zombie (with a headcrab atop their head, of course), and siding with the headcrabs for total world domination. Really though, it's all up to the server owner as to what he/she would rather have on he or she's server.


Thirdly, the mod is completely customizable. Server owners have total control over the mod, and have a boatload of options to choose from. There's a music option, infection option, unlimited ammo option, auto-respawn option, difficulty option - and you can adjust the health and spawntime of all the humans and headcrabs, instantly. In this way, every server with Headcrab Hunter 2 is unique and will provide you a different experience.


Fourthly, the guns menu. Instead of that bording buyzone, why not try something new? By typing !guns on any Headcrab Hunter 2 server as a human, you get access to nearly all of the weapons in Counter-Strike: Source, as well as pistols and nightvision. This menu can be accessed at anytime, anywhere on the map for players on the human side. But don't get me wrong, no amount of weapons will save you from a threatening horde of 32 zombies. For that, you're on your own.


Fifthly, and lastly, teamwork. This mod is all about teamwork. If humans or headcrabs don't stick together to defeat their foes, they won't win, guaranteed. I've designed this mod from day one around this topic, as I believe it's the heart of any Counter-Strike: Source mod, and a requirement. When working as a team, a game becomes much more enjoyable for all players, regardless of their skill level or if they know all the secret hiding spots and glitches and all of that. Fairness goes hand-in-hand with teamwork, and trust me, I didn't let up on that this time around.


Headcrab Hunter 2 is truly unique, so why not try it out today? There's already multiple servers up running the mod, so join one of them, or set up a server of your own and get started! I'm open to all comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints. The IP to the official test server, the one I set up, can be found below. It's running the bot-controlled mode so you won't be bored if you join and no one is on, as in just a couple of seconds, a handful of bot-headcrab friends will come and join you. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


FPSBanana Link:



You don't need to read all of that, but basically, it's humans vs. headcrabs, and anything goes. There's two modes of gameplay for server hosts to choose from; bot-controlled or human-controlled headcrabs - and they're completely different from one another. At this time, the test server is running with 10 slots and using the bot-headcrab mode to get some popularity. I will be increasing the slots to 24 later today, if all goes well, and possibly changing it to the human-headcrab mode.


I recommend everyone test it out and tell me what you think. It's really neat, if I do say so myself. :)

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