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Map Suggestion


Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download


Additional Information

If FPSBanana is down, just wait an hour or two.

Screenshots attached





BHOP METAL v2 THREAD: http://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?p=257268#post257268

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Ok, but it annoys me that none of the admins has even given me a reply. :\


Ill try talk to one of them to see this suggestion.

I played the map.

Its nice , ok .

But , I think theres somethig wrong.

When I jump on the things u bunnyhop on, I get teleported back straight away.

It happened quite a few times and I couldnt continue the map.

So I nocliped to the end.

The ending is ok.

I like the scouts and the car and hands etc..

Also, Maybe , if there were a v3, when someone finished console would say **A USER HAS JUST FINISHED THE MAP** or **A PLAYER HAS JUST FINISHED! CONGRATS!**

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