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I've noticed more and more that the word troll is being thrown around more than ever on the forum


this isnt 4chan






Trolling is a kind of prank and a lost art form, full of failed attempts and people who don't even know what trolling is.


Most ignorant newfags think that trolling is merely someone getting in an argument, or a fight, or attacking others. However, people do this all the time on the internet when they're not trolling. Trolling that does this is obvious and usually fails. People who think everyone who disagrees with them is a troll are so easily trolled that they'll fall for Concerned Mother. A skilled troll can just appear to cause no conflict and agree with people and do it in such a way to provoke everyone else into a shitstorm.


The internet is full of people that think just being internet trash makes them a real troll. Acting racist for lulz is trolling but simply being a racist is not. Acting as stupid as Chris-chan because you really are that stupid makes you a lulzcow and not a troll. If someone goes and slips razor blades inside the hamburgers of little kids and goes "haha you have been trolled nublol", despite being hilarious, that's not trolling, it's being a psychopath and a poser. Even worse than that, there are furries. Common sense would say that no one could seriously be like that, that all furries are trolls, but then again, common sense is often very, very wrong.


Even when someone knows how to troll, they usually fail to be funny and then experience troll's remorse A.K.A being a butthurt, empathetic, douchenozzle. Such feelings tend to pass once they realize that people who take the Internets seriously enough to get upset by trolling really ought to kill themselves. Once they reach this point, they are said to suffer from Internet troll personality disorder. After long enough, they may even develop Chronic Troll Syndrome.


Only when one is a skilled troll can they pull off trolling IRL, such as Agent Pubeit, Penis Pump Sex Scandal, IRL Harry Potter spoilers, etc.



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The definition of "trolling" is actually a recognised keyword in english language. It refers to someone who has no other intention of posting with a negative influence on a forum. So when people use it, there is nothing wrong with it.

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