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This suggestion box was put into place because we want you guys to be able to contribute to our communtiy with ideas.


Some advice:


1) Please do not use this for silly ideas, it creates a lot of clutter in the CA section


2) Think before posting your idea whether it might be better suited to another section of our forums, such as Server Fixes


3) Don't simply post everything that you can think of, or any idea that pops into your head


4) When you have an idea you want to post, have a good think about it and develop it. Try to explain it clearly, in good english, and provide links where needed


5) If you are unsure about whether your idea is appropiate for a proposal, discuss it with an AO/TA/CA/LG


6) Please make sure you proposal is not impossible, or does not require something which doesn't exist


7) Please make sure you are not proposing something which already exists in the community


We want to try and make this idea work, we have had some good ideas come through. Please don't treat it as something to joke around with, doing so simply wastes our time.

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