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Yup my account has been hijacked : (. Happened earlier today, who ever it was , was loggin in when I was on and we keep booting each other out. Unfortunately he reseted the password, thus proving that i'm an idiot for not thinking about that first.


So now I have to go thru the all encompassing bureaucracy that is the Steam Support System to get my account validated.


I've got the feeling that it is a friend of mine that didn't realize what he was doing. I bought this account about 3 years ago from a friend, who bought it 1 year earlier from another friend of ours. I believe it is the original owner who took control of the account, seeing as he has many cracked accounts.


O Trever, you lil redneck hacker, I'm gonna have to beat your ass soon.

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so when i was talking to you was that you or no? btw that sucks manjacked.gif


No it was me, when I left that server was when I started to get booted off.


And I'm not sure if it was just some random hacker that got my account, I'm pretty sure it was one of my old friends trying to get back into all his accounts again. He's a little crack scripter so I'm sure he was able to make a worm to find the info.

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Somebody from Zombie Murder changed their name to VAC Moderator. and tried to scam me.


The only reason i knew he was from ZM is because he told me at the end.


lol :skeptical:


yes because scammers always tell the truth


and sorry to hear that slavic hope u get bac on soon

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Never noticed that. I'm not even in the group so I never would have noticed it.


Besides, any message that's Automated always says at the end, "Do not reply to this email"


So if you do reply to it, especially with any account info, you're an idiot.


Also, Slav sorry to hear about that, why didn't you change the password as soon as you got the account?


And do you happen to know the security question and the answer and email to prove you're the owner of the account?

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