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In Regards To Fur.

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This thread was something that was to be avoided, but can't be postponed any longer due to the affronts from a certain furry in the community. The following is a brief, logical, and reasonable explanation to his behavior, why it is not tolerable, and why it must cease immediately.



  • "Furries" are people in a supposed sub-culture focusing on anthropomorphic characters (think Tony the Tiger and Micky Mouse, for mainstream characters). The controversy circles around two key points:
  • A (large) portion of furry content is sexually orientated, as is their "sub-culture" in fact. In reality it is not so much a sexual preference as it is a fetish.
  • The reason many furries stir up so much controversy is because they refuse to realize this, and demand acceptance rather than mere tolerance, which they have a right to.
  • Tolerance is understanding that people have sexual preferences, and it is there right to practice them, on the condition they in turn realize that as societal whole, the rest of the community is not interested in it, and is in fact, disgusted when presented with the said "art". To DEMAND acceptance from us is to take our choice in preference away, which is what the said furry has continued to do. He has leaped onto our tolerances, yet demands we go further to accomodate him.

So what is the point of this?


The said furry is to understand that he is not a holocaust survivor, he was not sprayed

with a firehose at Birmingham, he was not mocked and openly attacked for not being

heterosexual. The said furry has a victim complex, he demands tolerance, acceptance, and understanding and attacks any that would exercise their right to confront him. It is reverse-censorship he pursues, a double-standard. Imagine that instead of a furry the said person had a foot fetish, constantly talked about feet in the chatbox, had a picture of a foot in his signature, hotlinks feet into the chatbox, etc. Feet, or to digress, anthropomorphic characters in this persons case are the subject of his sexual deviancy, and are to be treated as such.


We also do not allow posts that are sexual in nature or violate our community standards.


These are the rules, and he has crossed the line, and worse, attempted to blur it.


Our demands:

Do not post here. Do not ever mention it again. Keep it to yourself, where it belongs, and if you wish, talk to others in private if they are WILLING to speak about the subject matter. Remove the furry related content from your sig, and we in turn will remove ours, and that will be the end of it. Non-compliance with this will mean you acknowledge you do not care about our own rights, and you will be responded to accordingly.


Our war is not with furries, but those who would propose and accomodate bullshit.

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Not sure why this thread was closed.


It pretty much validated everything potshot just said, especially regarding "Reverse censorship". This well written/non-flame thread trying to resolve the furry situation being closed demonstrates the manifestation of just that, censoring those with legitimate concerns as they pertain to our own written rules regarding posting sexual content.


Haggard/BDs if you closed this let me know, and I will close it if you want.

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I closed this before I left work without enough time to put a reason why. I had to remove one image from LegalSmash's post which some people could find offensive. Claiming everyone who had an interest the whole furry world was a retard.


I decided to lock it because I thought that Potshot had put forward his request to said user, it didn't really need other people to leave comments on it. All this thread does is create more drama about the situation and I didn't think it needed forum users leaving their own two cents leaving flaming comments.


I'm fine with this continuing as long as no one flames it, I don't want to have to look at this thread anymore than I already have to delete unnecessary and unprovoked flame posts towards certain users.


While we also do not allow posts that are sexual in nature, we also do not tolerate bullying of other forum members.

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