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Looking for a used car

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Personally I like Oldsmobile Alero's but you wont get one with less then 100k for 3500.. maybe 125k if you lucky.. I'd recommend a dodge neon, cheap enough to get a decent one and not a bad car at that. my 2 cents :)

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Get a bike. No gas needed.


Assuming he doesn't want to travel more than a couple miles, doesn't need to carry groceries or items, doesn't need to travel in bad weather, doesn't want to travel with friends and lives in an area with good sidewalks/bike paths or do anything practical, then yes, get a bicycle.

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You forget that bikes are very expandable.


Need to travel with friends? Easy, add a seat on the back or ride on the handlebars in front.


Groceries? Put a basket in the front.


Bad Weather? Attach an Umbrella.


Traveling only a couple of miles? Go exercise and you'll be able to do even more!


Don't live near bike paths or good terrain for bikes? Get special wheels!



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Wow, dude, seriously...


I understand you're trying to help, but if I thought a fucking bike would have suited my current needs I wouldn't have posted this thread, huh?


Anyway, yeah... still can't decide. Buying a car is a bitch. Any more recommendations are welcome.

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