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The Ultimate Yo Momma + Other Tasteless Joke Directory!!!!!!!

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i would like to start a 'yo momma' joke directory but im afraid that it would violate server rules and get my ass banned (being banned is no joke!) this thread is not meant to be hurtful and i apologize in advance. Please dont ban me for starting this thread, just lock the thread and tell me to stop being stupid. I CANT STATE THIS ENOUGH! PLEASE DONT BAN ME! The reason i started this thread is to whup my friends at yo momma jokes!

ill get the ball rolling:


yo momma's so ugly she stuck her head out a window and get arrested for mooning!



yo momma's so stupid she got hit by a parked car!



yo momma's so fat she needs planning permission to turn round!



yo momma's so old she was the waitress at the last supper!



yo momma's so fat if you had sex with her you'd burn your ass on the lightbulb!



yo momma's so fat when she stands on the weighing scales her phone number comes up!


Yo momma's so fat she jumped up and got stuck! (not very good but i cant think of anything else!)

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None of your business!
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