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Savage 2 Just Came Out.

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Finally, the long awaited game Savage has finally came out. I always played Savage Battle for Newerth. This game is like Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft combined! Its a strategy fps game.


You start out as 1 character and the more money your team makes, you can afford to buy the BIGGER character and control him.


I think the maps are around 64 People Per Server which is a BIG MAP.


Here is the link to the 1st Savage which is Free! http://www.s2games.com/savage/downloads.php


Here is a link to Savage 2 which is a one time payment of 29.95!!



If you compare Savage 1 and Savage 2 just by looking at Screenshots, you know Savage 2 is worth the buck. :cute:

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