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So i killed my Jeep off-roading this Sunday

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So i went off-roading yesterday, had a lot of fun, but then it happened. My clutch is gone, i can just shift my gears without pushing the clutch pedal, but gears dont engage. Then my starter went out, you can just hear it spinning thats about it. And to top it off, i hit a damn tree while being pulled/towed out of the woods.


Called Road-side assistance, they towed my car. The guys was nice enough and said that before taking it to dealership tomorrow he will wash it for me, so it doesn't look like it was off-roading.


Here is some video i took there. After seeing what happened this guy with my own eyes it made me feel a bit better about my problem, and i understood that things could get much worse.


This guy snapped his rear axle, yet he still managed to get through the thickass mud before coming to a complete stop. In the third video he tried to pull his jeep up only on 3 wheels, and broke both front axles. So he was left with only one working rear left wheel. We tied him up back to back with his buddies toyota, and he hauled his ass out of the trail.




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Man that sucks. I don't know what's worse, breaking an axel, or having to wait a whole day just to get a tractor to pull your Isuzu out of a deep ass trench because your army friend miscalculated just how deep it was. lol

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Dammit Super, I looked at those pictures, I hope I'm wrong, but please tell me those aren't the stock tires...


All of my friends are into the whole rockcrawling thing. You wouldn't believe the money these guys pour into their Jeeps or the technology they havebuilt into their machines. This one guy actually has a system so that he can unlock his rear axle and brake each rear wheel individually. Its amazing.


I just stick to the four wheelers. They are alot cheaper to fix when I destroy something. Or even better, I just ride with someone and watch him tear-up all his stuff. Twice the fun, with none of the grief.

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