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HL2 : Homeless Mod

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After watching the south park homeless episode I got an idea which takes the main ideas of the zombie mod and changes it around a bit.


Home Owners

- Able to open doors

- Make money while inside buildings by doing jobs

- Can throw some money at homeless people to temp freeze them

- If the home owner runs out of money they turn into a homeless person



- Cant open doors (must be let in by a home owner)

- Make money by asking for money from a home owner

- Can become a home owner if they make enough money

- Attracted to any change left on the ground



- Home Owners attempt to reach an exit point out of their town

- Homeless attempt to become home owners



- If home owners stay in a building for too long they begin to question if the other people are actually homeless attempting to trick them. People go crazy and start thinking everyones against them and in an attempt to get out blow out holes in the walls.



- At the start of the map all the homeless are bots whos focus is blocking the path of the home owners to get money.

- Bots cant become home owners



- Maps are built with a destination in mind, homeowners spawn at the start area of the map, homeless start in the center of the map. Maps are simple in design with only one way out.



That was my basic idea. No clue if it would actually be fun in real life but on paper it sounds pretty cool to me.

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