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This is the official thread for the modifications and their links that I legalsmash, red, falcon, zero and others CAN use. there is a nifty mod manager built in that allows instant swapping.


DoW half scale mod, this mod drops the units sizes down to more realistic levels, and allows the ability to up the unit cap to 40 or 60 units instead of 20. Also pairs well with the skirmish AI mod, worth getting if you want incredible battles.



Zoom mod

This is a simple 3 file swap over that increases the maximum zoom height, it does not affect any other player online if they dont have it and you do.



Inquisition mod

this adds a whole new faction to the fray the imperial inquisition i use them for their kickass vehicles and powerful but lengthy orbital bombardments.




DoW Skirmish Ai mod

this changes how the ai works a tad makes them smarter and less laggy, works seamlessly with half scale (its built in) but you will need the mod manager below to use them together.




// This seems to be buggy at the moment so we are discontinuing its use until we have a stable version of the mod manager.

DoW Mod manager

This allows you to run multiple mods together like the half scale and inqiusition mod .




These are all the various mods we use so if you buy the game and want to play, try to download and install these first to save time.



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