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Someone mentioned this to me, so I'm mentioning it to you guys :). Read through the page a little bit.





Basically (copied from someone else), "It's a distributed processing project designed by Stanford University. It's purpose is to understand how proteins unfold by trying out billions of combinations. They need your help because they can not afford to spend millions of dollars on super computers. This project is hoping to find cures for Alzheimer's, Cancer and many others."


If you have a good computer with a dual/quad core cpu, I recommend running the software to just help them out a little bit. Just download one of the recommended versions.





I've been playing CS for a couple weeks with it running (with a dual core processor) and haven't noticed any change in performance while playing. Of course it might different for other people's computers, but it's been good for me :). Or you could just run it when your not doing much on the computer. Every little bit helps :)

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I tried it last year and it was meh.

It's more for PS3 users that leave their consoles on. I don't like to have too many system resources taken up not because my computer is weak but because I don't like clutter in the toolbar.

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