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Thats pretty funny, but not as terrible of an idea as one may think. Free Libraries don't always have what you're looking for. Even though I doubt a paid book rental store will solve that problem. For those of you still in college/university and are looking at the alternative to buying those ridiculous $150 text books check this website out socialbib.


You need a valid .edu email address and you can begin posting books you need and books you have but are finished with. Our site will match you up with someone who has the book you need and then they will ship it to you for free. You will also be matched up with someone who needs a book that you're finished with.


There's a built in credit system that lets you receive a book for every book that you give. But right now when you sign up you get a credit for FREE...which means you can basically get a free book.


The more people that use the site the more books people will receive for free.

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