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"Clan" MATZA---A satire clan

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Did you ever want to be a part of something as pointless as a clan, but can never find the one that truly stands out as honest and not full of itself? Well here it is, "clan" MATZA!!! Established by myself, the fearless leader, the creme de le creme of all the Italian Jews! To be perfectly honest, we do not do much. We just sit in the servers and wear our MATZA tags with pride. Why? Well, clan competitions are typically pointless dick waving competitions between 12 year olds who really don't know the meaning of a dick nor have they seen a real one since their dads accidently flapped open their robes that one christmas morning.


We only accept the best, and by that I mean we accept only people I deem worthy. If you wear the tag without our permission, we really can't do a damn thing about it except exclude you from our "Inner Circle" as it were. We might have a freewebs website up soon so we can post on some lame forums, but in time I think this system will grow to be a multi-billion dollar a year organization.


MATZA takes gaming waaaaaaayyyy too seriously, so we assign military ranks to our members. We are to use military slang at all times so as to freak out our opponents...them typically being little kids who believe spamming the CS Radio commands is the coolest thing since Yu-Gi-Oh and Candy Land. Our Captains own your Staff Sergeants!!!!!


Join if you are worthy!!!!


P.S. JK about the whole damn thing; trying to make a point about gey clans online. You can wear the MATZA tag if you want to join mine and Veggie's joke/satire clan. Just LOL about the whole thing. PEACE!

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