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K so small description. A HL1 Third-Party MOD. (Not like any other MOD I played)


It's a Realism MOD. Therefore, no HUD, no Crosshairs, no Healthbar..nothing..


This game thrives on teamplay and strategic gameplay. If you try to rush like in CSS you WILL die. you need to move like a ninja, and time your attacks and movement, or you will likely be picked off by a awaiting sniper.


The community is VERY friendly, and VERY happy to accumulate new members. Its a small community (200-300) but a close knit one. The game has been recently dieing due to a new update to the game-i.e.Hostile Intent 1.6. (only 5-10 servers running currently) then soon after will be HI:PR (Hostile Intent:Pheonix Rising)


I am currently a Team Tester for the game, and we are in final stages of 1.6, and have demos and screenies of 1.6 for release to anyone who is interested.


the website to this game is http://www.hostileintent.org if anyone is interested in downloading.


I think it's worth checking out if your debating to download or not.



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