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The Macbook Air is just something that Apple can use to show it's cool new technologies.


The thing is sexy. It looks very nice and is not for "advanced" users like us.


Here's something Microshock thought of it , he does read the forums.


" The macbook air is pretty much an iPhone in a laptop form. You get the multi touch interface on the scroll pad and its really thin and nice.

I really don't know how you could live without a disc drive and even if you got the usb disk drive, then you don't have usb ports anymore! It only comes with one!

Ok so if you get a usb hub, then the convenience factor is gone. It seems like this laptop is for a very specific market. The market that does not give a shit about usb ports or disc drives, but wants to have a thin, sexy, and light laptop, be a huge apple fan and only wants to watch youtube videos and send some pictures to friends.


Overall, for 1800 dollars, its bullshit."


Yeah, pretty much everything there. don't delete this post because I wrote microshock in there, there is some threads i will put his opinion in because he does browse the forums still and he can't post so I'll do it from time to time, if its not ok, then ill stop.

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It was obviously made for the rich and business people who want to have the next best thing, so of course they are going to make certain things extra. For the business man who's company gets them this or someone who buys it on their own, they probably stay in places that definitely have wireless. It is a shot to move out of the wired era.


Definitely need the drive and maybe the sleeve if you don't have anything else.


Tell Micro to think who the laptop is built for. Obviously not for people who need more than one USB port and gamers.

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Italian jew , perhaps you didnt read carefully but he wrote that it wasn't made for gamers.


sheesh. read more?


You don't have to be a gamer to realize that this thing is for computer retards and people who are rich enough to have an uglier computer that does real stuff. The main appeal is not the nice screen or features, but the logo on the front and how the thing looks. It's like designer jeans, you pay 5 times more for that neat tag on the back and some extra stitching.

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