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Ohhhh God someone make it stop!!!1

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I'm leaving for school so I'll make it quick:


I woke up tonight at about 5:30AM and I quickly noticed his loud ringing noise in my left ear. My ear also felt numb and I couldn't hear as well through it. I somehow managed to go back to sleep thinking it'd be over, but I just woke up and it's actually worse. The ringing is next to unbearable in a quiet setting, and my ear hurts even more, with a sensation of something blocking my inner ear, such as when you have water stuck inside after a swim.


Has anyone ever encountered this? I've read up a little about "tinnitus," which is what it appears to be, but I haven't been exposed to loud music or sounds or anything of that nature. Given the circumstances I didn't have that much time to do research atm. I fear of losing my hearing in the left ear, but the right ear is just fine..... thoughts on this?

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You prolly have an infection m8, you should go see a doctor as soon as possible, I remember a lass in school had something similar, she went deaf in that ear.

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