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The Orange Box (PC) for $30 at Amazon.com

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Does anyone here have TF2? Is it really that fun to play? Zombiemod is my main addiction and I dont know if i have time for another one


well yeah i wait around 3 months to buy TF2 cuz i tough it wasent funny enoug for me, but when i buy it it rocks, i mean i still playing ZM, but sometime get bored so i playt TF2. plus TF2 had respawn.

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Good TF2 Game > every other boring game out there


lol Pacman eats TF2, TF2 is a good game but I don't really git bored of games. I usually switch with games every hour or every day I play something else. That way I don't git bored and I just git better with my skillz.

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My computer is about 6 years old. 2.4ghz, 256 ram, 128 video card. I run CSS at medium settings. TF2 does put a hurt on my machine. My fps is okay as long as there isn't a lot of action. I think I would enjoy TF2 a lot more if I had a better machine.


Portal alone is worth the $30. I loved that game.


Orange box also includes episode 1 and 2.

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