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Which is the better Drum set?

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I was looking at some drums online, and I am still a beginner drummer. My parents would like to get me some drums for Christmas, and I was wondering, which set is better?











The price difference doesn't matter, I just want to know which is better.

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Each set will sound pretty much equally good out of the box.. They both have the same sized drums, same cymbals, same everything, I bet..


I would suggest taking the Pearl as most of the drummers I know play Pearl.. Ludwig is good, no doubt, but Pearl is better IMO!

Though, be sure that you have enough money to change the drumheads!!!! This is a MUST!!! You CAN NOT play with the standard, drumheads!


This goes for all string-instruments and drums.. CHANGE THE GOD DAMN DEFAULT DRUMHEADS/STRINGS!!!

Save the default ones, of course, as you might need a spare-drumhead sooner or later.. And dont compromize on this, by the way, don't go to your local wal-mart and find some shit - go to a musicstore.. They are pretty cheap anyways..

You will get so much more sound out of a drum, if you have good drumheads.. But it doesn't matter how great and good your drum is if you have pisspoor drumheads on it..!


A tip when changing the drumhead: make sure that you cross-wind it.. So when you are winding on the screws again to tighten the drumhead, you would start (for instance) with the screw in the top and make it slide in untill you can feel some resistance.. Just a little bit, so don't continue winding untill its all tight.. Then you take the one in the bottom / opposite of the first one, untill you feel same amount of resistance.. Then take the one to the right of the first one and do the same, then the one opposite to it and so on and so forth..

When you've winded them all so they are equally tight as the first one, go ahead and tighten the first one a little bit more, and then continue doing this and going all the way around (always continue with the opposite) untill the drumhead is tight enough..

Now, why would you do this?? This is to make the drum give the same tone, no matter (more or less) where you hit it.. It is also possible to buy a resistance-measure-thingie that you can press on the drumhead at various places to see where you need to tighten up the screws... I would suggest doing this when you've got the feeling of how a drum should sound..


The thing is; if you don't do this, but just throws the drumheads on there the wrong way, the drumhead wont make the right vibrations, making them collide inside the drum(s) and not give the right sounds, but give faulty and dry sounds..


Hope I was of some help, here.. Just ask if you need more help :)

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