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Which Classical Guitar Should I Get?

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Well, I'm having a tough time choosing between these two classical guitars that seem to be in my price range. I'm a fan of Yamaha when it comes for their acoustic and classical guitar. So which one should I get


This one:




Or This one:




But I would probably prefer this one lol I"m picky:


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What are you going to play? What genres?

Are you sure you need a classical - or would you be better off with a steel-string western guitar?

Nylon strings (Classical guitars) are better for complete beginners, as they strings are easier to press to the fretboard.. They do not IMO have as much tone as steel string guitars (Western guitars).. So if you are going to play any form of pop-rock, rock or heavier - go for a Western guitar unless you have unbelievable vague fingers (i.e. from a disease).. I have a great western guitar - I have had it for ½ year by now, I believe and it really works like a charm.. I am a complete beginner in the acoustic guitar-field, but this was just what I needed.. (I will link at the bottom)..

I have played the bass-guitar for almost 7 years now, so I am used to pressing hard metal strings to a board, so I can not tell you whether it is really hard as a beginner guitar..


Judging by a quick look of those 3, I would suggest #2 as it looks like it can provide the most bottom-end tones.. Though, the looks of it aren't good.. I mean, a red head??? What the??


Ibanez makes as good guitars as Yamaha..


I talked about my guitar above.. It is a Fender DG-60, but a cheap Fender, so you wouldn't break your price-range.. Here is a link, from same site: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-DG-60-Acoustic-Guitar-620506-i1466541.gc .. Mine is black, though..

It has a really nice tone all around the board, gives some static-sounds when switching chords and such, but thats the charming about acoustic guitars IMO..

Note, this has no pickups - you would want to have those installed later on if you need it to record with (semi-prof.).. Tell me what you think and if I can be of more help!

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