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How did you learn?  

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How did you learn to type?

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Just wondering. Personally I taught myself at age 10 to type without looking at the keyboard by playing the infamous game. "Runescape."


I learned by typing the same thing over, for example. " Buying food 100k!" over and over. I eventually learned the sequence of the keys I pushed and taught myself.


So yeah, my mom wanted to put me into a typing glass in middle school, but hell.. Fuck that. I already know.

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Yeah, I also type differently then it is being taught in most typewriting classes, i.e. I use fingers for keys that I am not supposed to use, but hey, it's efficient, so no big deal.

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I pretty much type the way that classes usually tell you to do except I don't have my fingers in the same position. I also just taught myself :p


I never really rest my fingers in the "Starting position" either, I just place my fingers on the first key that needs to be typed when I want to type something.



I basically type really fast for a moment, and pause for a brief second. I guess that is what I get for learning to type by myself. Or by "Runescape." lol

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