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World Cup Final Draw and groups

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So what do you think about the groups? is there any upcoming matches between the different group teams you find worthy to see ;o?


I think my country's rivals are not hard, with the obvious exception of Spain... i hope we can beat them :>


Denmark v/s Netherlands. Ghana v/s Germany, Brazil v/s Portugal and Argentina v/s Greece may be fun to watch in my opinion

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Group of Death should be very interesting this year. Ivory Coast is the best team from Africa. North Korea is a solid team and they're underdogs and of course, the powerhouses, Brazil and Portugal. Should be very interesting. Sorry Hello Kitty but I am rooting for Spain because I love El Nino lol.


Teams I am rooting for:


Spain, Japan, South Korea :)

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I think we got a very favorable draw.


England, Algeria, and Slovenia.


I predict we only lose to England, but Slovenia could also give us trouble. But it seems we lose to the most unlikely team each World Cup. Like Ghana in 2006.... I wouldn't put it past the US to lose to Algeria.


I think we get into the Round of 16 this year. Although the injuries that are happening to our team is not good. We need to be healthy and at our best.

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