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I wouldnt characterize the situation as him being owned by the MPAA, RIAA, etc.


They arrested him on the idea that he facilitated infringement under English law, but Linking has never been illegal, and still isn't according to current legal precedent, in UK or US. The charges wont stick without a change of law. They did it for publicity sake, because the industry is seeking to make an example out of things. This poor bastard was in England, which is more mindful of digital rights than Asia, where much of the stage 6 stuff linked to Tv links was emanating from.


Consider this, if the UK mediawatch, RIAA, MPAA were to seek to track down every appearance of their intellectual property/expressive work that appears online and seek prosecution, they would go bankrupt. Instead, they go after random, hapless people in countries where their arguments would carry weight, and the legal system would allow them to seek remedy against the infringer. They know they cant go after the REAL issue: a bootleg copy emanating from some dude's computer in Korea, china, france, russia, which gets linked, spread, and torrented throughout the US, UK, and the rest of the World.


They CANT do anything there, because they would get a big FU from China, France, etc. So, they go after the guy which really didnt do anything more than link, which is standard practice.


Their act was a paper tiger.

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I am glad that we have OV guide, etc. It provides some semblance of watchable media for people who are not fans of the mind numbing shit on network.


I really think that such sites should not be construed by these companies as an affront to their rights, but rather, a wake up notice... because what they are currently doing is just not working. The nature of the display on TV links was a streaming, which I can't really differentiate from a display on a network station, sans commercials, which they do, on certain occasions. That being said, I dont think that anyone benefits from these sites where streaming is linked, being shut down. I really dont have time to watch televisions, and tvlinks allowed me to watch shows that I actually want to watch when I am ABLE to watch them. I am not a Tivo person, nor do I see the benefit in having cable, because most of television is crap. This activity is nothing more than time shifting, which in both English and US courts has been considered to be a permissible activity. If you really consider the facts, that is essentially what TVlinks did, substantially.


There were mostly Television shows that are network or cable anyhow, which, if you have the internet, you likely have access too already, aside from the movies sometimes available in horrid quality pre-release, which can be CONSTRUED as non-compliant with the current law, the most tvlinks did was ust that, link, making the argument on their part moot.


Thats my three cents .

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