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Worst thing you've ever done?

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Hmmmm, I guess it depends what type of "worst" we are talking about.


Overall worst decision of my life was a keg ride that ended in a trip to the hospital and a metal plate in my shoulder to fix my very broken shoulder. I don't regret it, per say. It was just a bad decision.


Worst as in a dick thing to do (excluding general mayhem with cops. Down with the man.) would have to be cheating on one of my ex's. Found out later she was cheating too, not that it made either one of us right. Once again, I don't really regret it, but it was a dick thing to do. I learned my lesson. You only have one reputation, make it a good one.

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came to america












































































...had you going there for a while

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This one's pretty bad.


My friend bought this special lighter that looked like a mini melder.


He wanted me to come over so we can burn shit.


So what happened is we took lysol and axe and miked it together.

They are both highly flammable.


He told me that you could put it on anything and it wont burn the actual object just the makeshift fuel.


We use a balloon, douse it in the fuel and light in on fire outside.


We come back inside, and he puts the rest of his fuel in a container.


He leaves to get pizza from downstairs.


I fool around with the lighter.


the fuel catches on fire.


It falls on the floor.


Half of his house burns down.




End of story.:dull:

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i told my xgf under a different name that i had died in my car accident monday so she would quit talking to me, ive tried everything else to get her to stop. maybe this will work.

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Despite how I act sometimes on the forum and in-game, I am usualy a very nice and friendly guy. I've never been in a fight, provoked a fight, stole, or done anything aggressive to anyone. I even hate yelling at people.


The only thing that I think I did that was bad happened last summer. I was going through a lot of trauma because of the whole pregnant crazy girlfriend thing going on. If anyone here followed my story they know how I was feeling.


Anyways, I was really pissed at my girlfriend so I left her at her friend's house about 30 mins away from our hometowns and I went to hang out with my two good friends Christina Lopez and Casandra Aponte, both feisty Latinas if I may add. I ended up hooking up with them at the same time that night while ignoring my girlfriend trying to call me.


Later that night I was awoken by my gf, apparently she took a cab to my house, broke in, and starting yelling at me when I was asleep, this was at 4 am. We ending up fighting and arguing, then I just said fuck it and went to sleep on my couch while she spent the night in my bed.


She scared the shit out of me when she woke me up.

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