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New mod, have to try!

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Ok guys, i played a new mod yesterday and i like it... it's called Rally mod.

If you haven't played it or don't know what it is watch this:

it's a mod where you drive laps in a car... it's uberfunny :biggrin1:


(if the admins know a better place for this thread, move it plz :p)

i like it very much and hopefully you do too.

Maybe making a server for this one, with special Steamgamers maps?? :cheesy:

CONTROLS: Steering - W,A,S,D


Boost-Walk button (shift)


Please steamgamers, i see the zombie surf isn't going well, maybe swap it with this beautiful enjoyment thingy???


(PS: you need noblock in it, otherwise you can block the other players, but i don't know if you can hit the other players if you're actually driving, i prefer that they can't hit you and it's all about steering and technique, not vandalism on the road :cool:)



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wow that is actually really cool. It would be cool also if you could shot peoples cars and they loose parts or something


yea,but it would be stupid if you got lot ammo,my idea would be that you get one deagle with 7 bullets and then shoot parts of car(to slow them down) :)

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any "thanks" ?? ^^ i'm saving them :p

maybe that you have around 300 hp and a shotgun with around 16 bullets?

That would be better, because you need to be very close to hit them harder :p


Thank you for supporting this btw :p

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