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Dark Side of the Rainbow (or Dark side of OZ)

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In August 1995, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published the first mainstream media article[4] about the "synchronicity", citing alt.music.pink-floyd. Soon afterward, several fans began creating websites in which they touted the experience and tried to comprehensively catalog the corresponding moments. A second wave of awareness began in April 1997 when Boston radio DJ George Taylor Morris discussed Dark Side of the Rainbow on the air, leading to further mainstream media articles and a segment on MTV news.[2]

In July 2000, the cable channel Turner Classic Movies aired a version of Oz with the Dark Side album as an alternate soundtrack.[5] Turner Entertainment has owned the rights to the film since 1986.

Several music groups have also alluded to the phenomenon. In February 2003, the reggae cover-band group Easy Star All-Stars released a cover album of The Dark Side of the Moon entitled Dub Side of the Moon, which features instructions on how to synchronize the record with The Wizard of Oz. In June 2003, the alternative rock band Guster released an album containing the song "Come Downstairs & Say Hello," which opens with the lines "Dorothy moves/To click her ruby shoes/Right in tune/With Dark Side of the Moon." On the DVD commentary track of Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Jack Black states at one point that "if you start playing Dark Side Of The Moon at this point in the film... it doesn’t sound very good at all!", and "If you play this film next to The Wizard Of Oz, you'll probably end up watching Wizard instead" before laughing.

In 2004, the late night show Saturday Night Live featured a parody of the Wizard of Oz. At the end, Darrel Hammond steps onstage and says, "Now, if you want a truly awesome experience, rewind this sketch to the beginning, light up a fatty, and put on Dark Side of the Moon. Trust me, it's mind blowing." After saying this, "Money" begins to play in the background.

In 2007, a Mr. Deity comedy skit made a play on Dark Side of the Rainbow by saying "Put a copy of Dark Side on, and then start reading the Book of Revelation about 35 seconds in.", after saying "Is that not the trippiest thing you ever read?" On the episode of The Colbert Report that aired 10/3/07, Stephen Colbert introduced his guest, former Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell, as someone who "had seen the Dark Side of the Moon." Colbert promised to ask him if "he saw it while listening to the Wizard of Oz soundtrack."[6]






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