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3 HOUR SET from DJ Ryan David on Wednesday Walkdown! 12-23-09

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Well friends and musicians, Christmas is upon us...and my birthday too. So as my present to you I am giving you 3 full hours (maybe more) of ME. I'll be playing some hot hot techno, electro, sick breaks and whatever else I feel like. Who knows, I just might whip out the old vinyl and play some trance, wherever the mood takes me, that's where we'll go. Sound Good???


Then to finish off 2009. WOODY MCBRIDE!!!!! Yes we got him on the show, yes DJ ESP and Ciaglia. Another duo show for your ears and minds on the WW. We love you. Thanks to our press agent Jared, we are also bringing in DJ Spree in 2010. DJ Kala from Subsensory records (featured a few weeks back) and Spektre from the UK just to name a few.


So if you can't see by now, you should be tuning into this radio show week after week to catch us LIVE, or you can be one of the 2000/month downloaders of the show. Your choice, either way its all free for you!


http://www.dancewithdignity.net for all info and downloads, also check out Tj Hunter's show - Sublimination Saturdays on MN Energy.

Catch us live on Wed. 7-10pm (maybe later....)



http://www.transmissionfm.com on the techno channel.


Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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