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Map Removal


Full map name


Type of map

Prison Break

Why should we remove it

The fact that players can play music in this map is a nice idea, but that this music can't be turned off is the downside.


Also, it's just a horrible map, there is basically nothing to do.

It seems to kill the server when it's on.


I think most PB players agree that removal of this map would be the best.

So I hope to get a few regulars in here to give their opinion.

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u can turn of music (simply by going to the radio & press e), only the scout-music u can't turn of


biggest problem with this map is that the terror can open their own cells


but if the ct has a little bit of experience they can control the terrors easily in this map


problem is that there ain't too many secrets / guns in the map what makes it hard for the terrorists.


it's a big map & some places are hard to get to ... like u can't get into armory unless u're willing to run around far ...


basicly this map is opposite of electric razor ...

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