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I'm going down south for 2 weeks to go divin' in teh ocean. I'm going to the Atlantic side of the Dominican Republic, in Puerto Plata.


I'm leaving tomorrow (the 27th, it's nearly 1am...) and today I'm pretty much going to play DA:O when I buy it on sale later on, and try and beat fucking act 3 of the witcher (don't know why, I just keep dieing).


So...see you guys in 3 weeks. I would come on CSS today, but steam doesn't like my computer and it refuses to turn on, and when it does, it won't connect to VAc, so I can't play nay servers.


I'll be back on the seventh of January, with some pictars 4 u'z guyz.




PS: If you know how to beat Act 3 of the Witcher on Hard mode, please do PM me...

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