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Sorry if this is the wrong forum but could you move it if it is thanks


I really need help because of my skins got fucked (Some noob admin Beasted me T.T) Yeah so some noob admin beasted me and fucked up my normal skins like put a fucking see thru white suit all around my skins but not guns . so i asked subzero (SCA member) what to do , so he said delete the cfg folder nothing happend T.T then i went over to a different gaming site and asked a person called Vinny (SG Gaming) He said Click Counter Strike > Property's > Local Files > Verify Intergrity of game cache . so i did it i went on css all happy got my gun skins ready and i got on and NO FRICKEN LUCK :censored:



Can you guys please please please help me!? because i cant play css until this is fixed , Thanks

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