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Anyone hear of Audiosurf?

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I've seen previews of this game a while ago, and it's basically a guitar hero-type game, where instead of playing a guitar you control a spaceship through a course that changes with the beat of the music. AFAIK you can pick any song from your playlist and play it through the game. More info


Available on Steam for $10












Looks like a lot of fun. Anyone here have it?

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I havent played it myself, however from the three friends i know who tried the demo, they all purchased the game a day or 2 later.


Really fun. But thats second hand info. Ill try it myself and get back to you.



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There are enough FREE rhythm games out there, and valve has to charge $10 for it?


It may sound cool to do one to your own music, but it would get boring fairly quickly. At least that's my thoughts...I get bored of things quickly

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Yea its cool.


Although i pretty much suck at it, only playing mono pro atm.


Hard to get different colors when youre playing hardstyle/house songs xD


Dj twisty - the anthem


try it, good thing right there :d

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