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Do You Play Paintball  

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  1. 1. Do You Play Paintball

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I believe that paintball is a sport that only some people pay attention to. Paintball sucks you in. once you get started in it, you start looking at all kinds of stuff about it, training, getting on forums, and looking at equpiment. It takes dedication to just get out there wether people come and cheer for you or not. You just gotta do it. Do you play paintball? if you are, do you often do the stuff i talked about before? I personally love paintball and have alot of paintball guns and gear.:clap:

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I love paintballl! its the only sport I play, I've just started playing tournements at div2 and it's so much fun! definitly a sport that will grow into something really big one day.

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i like how the topic is 3 months old and people finally post on it. i haven't played paintball in a few years, all in the woods around my neighborhood. still have my a5 and a full tank of c02 haha

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