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Nobody else have pets? Well anyways, I got an aquarium with neons, cory catfishes, and clown loaches (strange, but cool little guys). I also have two Gouldian finches, the male finch is named Pancake Batter and the female's name I am constantly changing (first was something like Butters, second was Pineapples, third I forgot)


Also, I named my male finch Pancake Batter first before I decided to use the name as my log in, I haven't eaten pancakes in like 12 years. I also had a canary named Waffles, but he died from stress after that hurricane hit Florida 3 years ago (by the way, I live in Florida, just pointing that out :))


Yes, I notice that I name my pets after food items for no real reason, nothing wrong with that right?


Don't have any pics of my finches since they just got finished molting, so they look like shit right now.

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