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I hate to add onto the sadness of admins resigning, but I am as well. I decided this a while ago, so its not like I was joining the bandwagon or anything. I need to get a job, which I probably will with an internship in the summer. I will still be around, but I won't have my authority anymore. : (


Jewpiter should handle the Jew Admin cred on the servers now, for I am a pleb as of the 3rd. Today is my last day of admin for a while. I hope to return in a few months to my position, so don't let Henda party too much while I am gone. As the governator says, "I'll be back!"


Also, if any of the new admins need help, I will be around. Or if you guys get some suspicious images that may be altered, but for some reason you guys cannot determine they are, I can check em' out. Don't want any more of those incidents... : /




Also...as in many of my recent posts...



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