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Prank Calls

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Cmon we've all made em. Post some of your prank calls and videos of other ppl's if you want. One of my best ones went somthing like this:


*person picks up*


Person: Hello?


Me: Yes hello may I have a large pizza with green peppers and cheesy bread?


Person:um.....im sorry but this isnt a pizza place.


Me: Okay but I WANT CHEESY BREAD...oh! By the way, do you sell vacumes?




Another one my friend made:



*person picks up*


Person: *yawn* Hello?


My friend: Yo man.......you got the stuff ready?


Person:.....Exuse me?


My friend: Oh dont play dumb with me muthafucka you know what i mean.


Person: cmon its 6 in the morning.


My friend:So....you dont got the stuff?


Person:You know what.....no i dont....okay? I dont!


My friend:Then ima go over there and cap yo ass BITCH




Ya....these were both made very early in the morning and non of us had any sleep.



Sol :)

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